Jesus, A Man of Authority

                                                            Matthew 7:28 ˇV 8:17



1.                  What are some of the authority figures in your life?


Why do you consider them ˇ§authorityˇ¨ and what are some of the responses you have toward them? Can you give some examples? Fear? Obedience? Rebellion?




2.                  Can you give some examples of who Jesus is to his followers? A friend? A Shepherd? A King? What does Jesus, a Man with Authority mean to you?  Matt 7:28-29.



Why would you say he is a Man of Authority? What does he demand of us?




3.                  Jesus commands and directs us with his words of authority, do you at times feel that you   

are restrained or limited?  Can you give us some examples? Do you at times find that his words of authority give you freedom? How so? Can you give us some examples?




4.                  How does Jesus reveal his authority by transforming life? (Leper, centurionˇ¦s servant, Peterˇ¦s mother-in-law, demon possessed and the sick)

How has he transformed your life or someone you know by his Word?

Can you give us some examples?




5.                  What does Jesusˇ¦ power to transform lives really teaches us? When your loved onesˇ¦  

 illness was not healed, what does that teach you about obedience? About faith? 

About Jesusˇ¦ authority?



6.                  What does Mathew 8 teach us about opening our eyes to look beyond our church, our national       

boundaries and upon the rest of the world? What can you as, one follower do to bring the message of Godˇ¦s love? Matt 8:11-12.



7.                  How should our lives reflect that we live under Jesusˇ¦ authority?  What are some of the things that God demands of us? Are there things you can change in your life or steps you can take to obey Jesus and to submit to His authority?