Matthew 7:7-12



Study Questions



  1. If you were to meet a Buddhist, a Muslim, or a Martian, how would you explain to them what prayer is?



  1. To reflect on your prayer life, what are the most common motivations of your prayer? What are the top five things you have asked in the last week? In the last year?


List the top five things you prayed for:


When you pray for yourself?                             When you pray for others?



  1. Think of a recent situation when you felt God did not answer your prayer, what was your reaction?       



Lose a little bit of faith

Gave up and go to the next urgent request

What does this passage tell us about the good father in answering our prayers?




  1. By examining your relationship with your earthly father, what are the similarities

There are with your heavenly father? How is your relationship with the heavenly father different?




  1. What can you do in your prayers to help you meet the high expectations of God?

What are the 3 characteristics you want to be more like Christ that you can ask in your prayers?





  1. When God tell us to be persistent, what does it mean? Does he mean the length of       

      time you pray? Or does it mean to pray until God changes you?


  1. What are some specific changes you are going to make regarding :


    1. The content of your prayers to     





b.    What are the 3 things you are going to pray on a continuous and persistent   basis for  the rest of the year?



    1. Is it a good practice to re-examine your prayer life periodically? What do 

you plan to do to examine it? What are some of the criteria you can set up for your check-up?