The Demand of Jesus

                                                   Matthew 8:18-22


1.                  Can you identify some causes that people dedicate themselves to?


(1)   What are some of the costs of these causes?

(2)   In your life journey, can you identify some causes that meant much to you? What are the costs?



2.                  To the 1st century listeners, what are some of the cost of following Jesus Christ?


(1)   In todayˇ¦s time, in America, what are some of the cost the followers of Jesus pay? Are 

      they different? Is it any easier?


                  (2) From your experience, what are some of the costs you have to pay for following Jesus?

                       What will be the cost you still may have to pay?



3.                  In Matthew 8:18-22, what did Jesus tell us about the impulsive scribe who did not consider  

            the cost of following Jesus?


(1)   Have you or have you observe in others that in the eagerness to lead people to Christ,  

      we sometimes neglect to tell people the cost of becoming His discipline.


(2)   What are some of the consequences of not considering the cost of following Jesus?



4.                  What does Jesusˇ¦ Words ˇ§ˇKand let the dead bury their own deadˇ¨ mean to the listeners?


(1)   What do you think were their response?


(2) How different will it be from your response?




5.                  What are some of your priorities in life? How would you compare them with following Jesus Christ?


(1)   What are some of the obstacles to putting Jesus first?


(2)   How can you overcome them? The cost of observing all that Jesus demands might require a radical change in oneˇ¦s life. What are some changes you need to make to reflect the priority of following Jesus in your life?



6.                  Have you in the past become the obstacle in othersˇ¦ commitment to follow Jesus? What can     

                  you do differently?