A Critical Spirit


Matthew 7:1-6


      1.         Are you by nature a judgmental person? Yes or No. Please share.


a.       Can you share a time when you judged someone? What was the occasion? What were  

            some of the consequences? If you were to do it all over again, what would you have                

            done differently?


b.      Can you share a time when you felt you were judged? What was your feeling? Did  

      you feel you were looked down upon? What would you like the other person to have 

      done differently?



  1.     Did you have an experience when you did not speak to a believer who has sinned for 

fear of being judgmental or lose your friendship?  If you have to do it again, how would  you do it differently? Why?



3.          Which of the following


Yes     No                        


                  ____  ____   a.            That we hold ourselves to be righteous and  above your brothers


                  ____  ____   b.            That we judge rashly and harshly


                  ____  ____   c.            That we judge with understanding and compassion


                  ____  ____   d.            That we judge with love and mercy


                  ____  ____   e.            That we did not examine our hearts of our hidden sins


                  ____   ____  f.            That we reach out in love and not in a spirit of condemnation


                  ____   ____  g.       I don’t want to have any opinion in case I am judgmental


                  ____   ____  h.       I don’t want to judge since I am not perfect


4.      How does Jesus’ teaching on “judge not” relates to Matthew 5-6?       



  1. If the statements were made to you, do you feel the statements are  judgmental or discerning?


                                                                 Judgmental             Discerning

a.      You should know better than to…

b.   I am concerned that……

c.   How could you call yourself a Christian…

d.      If you have more faith in God you would…..

e.      You seem to worry, is there something you want

        to talk about?

f.        I am not condemning you, should we pray about it


g.      I would never do that.



  1.       How can we be more discerning? Can you also give some examples?             



  1.       What do I need to change to be a more discerning person.